it's crunch time baby

school is killing me. i feel like i've been in it for months, ages, years, decades. when will it end? so i really hAVEN'T the time to blog about current outfits (like those lucky ones that have decent cameras and can snapshot every outfit they've ever worn) so i'm posting some of my favorites. the first is a what i like to call nature inspired outfit. very neutral and earthy tones, from the oatmeal colored sweaterdress to the rich chocolate riding boots. i added the feather fan for purposes unknown to even me (hey matches with the theme, right?) coincidentally, my green dress matches the curtain. hmm. i usually wear this dress with my gold strappy 2 inch heels from target ($11 sucka whatt), it really ties the whole "grecian goddess/asian(yup that's what i am) look." i really love the muted pastel green chiffon, it's super comfortable and makes me feel... like...a cloud. or something light and fluffy. feather? mmm.. i was being lazy with this outfit when i took it. simply a white but huge v-neck from chicago (we all got that?) probably my dad's, and some superly ripped tights that i wouldn't dare wear out for risk of "poser" slash "trying-to-be-goth." oh, what we do for ourselves. so when i have a chance, i may be just playing dress up (usually something close to what i wear often. other times, echchem outfit #3, will be out on a limb, but presentable. so there :D xx


sgk1993 said...

3rd one is my favorite!@#$%^&*(

Velo said...

i really love ur pose, gurl... =)
pretty killer! =)

Bella said...

the last one is amazing!!! I ell oh vee eeh it :] and you must wear those tights out, they are super fierce :D xxxxx

beckyxoxo said...

argghh i love these photos ! the outfits are so great . love your ripped leggings dear :)

Emilie.Katogo said...

All great photos, I featured you on my blog. I hope that its okay. I used some of your pictures.
=) Emmy.

Samantha said...

amazing photos, i love the dress in the first one<3

Aïcha b. said...

thank you ! I love these pictures !you have tallent i think. yep. And the music is really coooool :)


Chloe T said...

Oh wow the dress in the first photo is just wonderful! I completely love it teamed with the strong brown boots and skinny belt!
The dress in the second photo is again extremely nice and elegant, a beautiful colour!
The third photo shows a much more 'hip' and 'trendy' look with ripped tights and a colourful t-shirt. Wonderful!
All three are so different yet executed so well! Great post :D