let them eat cake

i might be craving sweets. just to let you wonderful followers know, my memory stick from my camera has been LOST (basically, in short, stolen by my naughty younger siblings and location forever unknown), so i'm waiting for another one, and hopefully i can do interesting posts without my camera. think cake. i found all these images on google, and i find them very sweet. the christopher kane dress is just APPEALING, i think it looks like an elegant cake with frosting draped on the sides. Marie Antoinette, duhh, kirsten dunst=great, costumes=super. i think i will go manic without these cute mini cake rings that everyone (umm.. asia i guess) is sporting. i love how intricate they are. how do you make it so dang realistic? cake is good. +ALSO, much thanks to emilia, for this post about me :D i love it! check it out here. xx


エミリ said...
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エミリ said...

lol sorry for removing the previous post, cuz it would have been like super redundant.
i <3 ur blogggggg
howd u make it so purdayy!?!?!

Anonymous said...

love the new changes on your blog! <33
omg that cake dress is amazing! & that ring is incredible!! i totally wish i could have it! haha it's so cute & intricate.
-nico <3

Noelle + Kendall said...

LOVE these pictures! that dress in the 3rd shot is divine!!

-N + K

Bella said...

I love the ring!! its so CUTE!! I could totally take a bite out of my monitor right about now :p hahah xxx

Emilie.Katogo said...

Many thanks,
Emmy xoxo

jane said...

you should check out the lego people rings.. i've been DYING to get one of those one day but i have no clue where i could find lego rings tho D:

that cake ring looks deliciousss p: