"The Show Must Go On"

(images from style.com)
i'm just not keeping to date with the most recent spring 2010 shows, (but i will, ok?) so here is D&G FALL 2009 RTW.
from style.com "Bustier dresses with lampshade miniskirts came in brocade, jewel-studded velvet, or tapestry-print chiffon, while a bustier top was paired with high-waisted jeans encrusted with big, colorful crystals. And because every diva needs a cape (a strong theme here in Milan), there was a version in ocelot-print ponyskin and another in gray fur with a collar that looked like chinchilla. The colors—ocher, burgundy, cadet blue, and black—were as lush and rich as the collection's furniture fabrics, but point d'esprit and tulle tutus in pastels worn with T-shirts printed with Callas' image lightened the mix."
all the beauties above fully match this criteria. to the max. when i first saw an ad for D&G's fall 2009 in Riviera Magazine, i freaked out. it was like opera house meets elegant chaise print and material. the heels are just gorgeous and the right size for the catwalk. sky-high and in my favorite colors, the pumps were icing on D&G's imaginative cake. the ingenious use of luxe furniture fabrics is so innovative and fresh. though i hated dolce and gabbana because of their notorious leopard print everything, this collection entirely blew me away. i can't get enough of bustiers and brocade, and silk makes me drool. the last gowns walking flowed like water, and the busts were different programs for different operas (correct me if i'm wrong) along with some very intricate appliques in the corner. several other pieces in the show included screen tees paired with the elegant and sleek silk skirts, topping everything off with tassels. superbly done.


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thank you for the comment & thanks for adding us to your link list. we're adding you to ours!

and these outfits are so beautiful! great post

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Bella said...

I agree! I love all of those pieces, so gothic-glam :) xxx

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wowowowowowowow. i love the caped one, its just awsome. *excuse me here drooling in awe*