on a whimsy

(images from style.com)
to keep you up with CURRENT (i told you this would be coming!) collections, i'm introducing LUELLA'S SPRING 2010 RTW collection.
to me, luella's whole look is solely based on whimsicality and girlishly cute style.
from style.com: "For this outing her clothes have become almost straightforward, in a mid-sixties Sunday-best sort of way. Stripping away the teeny, cutesy haberdashery of the collection had the effect of focusing attention on silhouettes: princess coats with Peter Pan collars, pannier dresses with padded hips, and various other devices lifted from the Balenciaga era Great Granny knew so well. If it hadn't been for the fact that Bartley's color palette was bright and cheerful—lemon, lipstick red, teal, camel, and sugar pink—and all the shapes were cut short and given a girlish raised waist, it could have been an uncharacteristically sober affair for a designer who's made her name by supplying a hearty dose of cheek to runway proceedings."
the choice of color and the fantatic pleats make this collection something of her aesthetic, but a different view of it. the soft palette of pastel hues really lightens up the whole look, and the choice of fabrics and prints are exquisite. i love how the colors range from primary pastels to strict black, white, and gray scale. the detail attention is great, i love the heart in the exposed chest of the black dress. while i normally dislike polka dots, the gray dress with huge black dots melt me. i love how whimsical, cannot NOT repeat this word, and fitted this dress is. the white blouse's silhouette is beautiful and the zipper (as you all know that i love) IS AMAZING. i just can't stress how much i love zippers. the last two dresses are simple chic, and the palette (my favorites for this season are neutrals mixed with blacks.. so there you go!) is just beyond great. topping it off with a bow just makes my day. this collection may have shown a different side to luella while keeping its' heart the same.

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Robynne said...

adorable stuff! Love the heart cut-out dress