collaboration sensation

for those who really know me, human relationship wise, you may have heard a "jessica wu/hailey shaw collaboration" buzz circling around. well, IT'S TRUE !!! today was our first meeting, marked by my constant snapping of the pictures above. i have a video, and i will post it as soon as photobucket lets me. here's a bit of our aesthetic mixed together. THINK FALL. rich, vivid, and muted tones. khakis, chiffons, silks, and a hint of fur. lace and sheer materials. exercised use of vintage to new. embellished tights and wood bangles. our color palette ranges from muted yellows to rich and deep browns. our fabric use is expansive and innovative. the silhouettes range from loose fitted to hugging the curves and human outline. hailey shaw + jessica wu look out. fall/winter 2009.


Style Bird said...

This is exciting! I love your designs. Your sketches are beautiful.

ThingsBySophie said...

i EL OH VEE EE the yellow dress! its soo prety/chic/fashiony/gorgeous!

Tallulah said...

omg theyre amazing!!
:) xx

Samantha said...

gorgeous sketches, i love the colors<3

Miss 797 said...

RED SKIRT !!!!!!!!!!!! :))mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm