taken by storm

(images from google)
who said khaki's only for safaris?
chloe's fall/winter 2009 rtw ad really caught my eye. the dead color of the empty wheat field is a great setting in contrast/addition to their camels, khakis, neutrals, and charcoals. the heavy, utilitarian feel of these coats and the intricate attention to detail on the blouses are truly exquisite craftsmanship. the peach assymetrical blouse with ties down the sleeve really caught my eye, the first time i saw it. Bravo, Hannah MacGibbon. xx


Poppy said...

I just adore this collection beyond all belief, such beautiful coats. Thanks so much for sharing.

Style Bird said...

I love this..lots of ideas!

Chloe T said...

I completely agree, the same happened with me, about the asymmetrical ruffled blouse and all the lovely woolen and khaki pieces.. Exquisite!
I love the brand Chloe, coincidence as my name is Chloe too haha. :)xx

mifajyar said...

I love Chloe advertisements...!
They're always clean and chic.
I always stick them on my wall.. :)