the modern lady

(images from style.com)
MOSCHINO's SPRING 2009/10 RTW collection really caught my eye. the expansive detailing, ranging from the silk rosettes on the stilettos to the chains. i especially love this collection because of how cohesive it is. all the pieces are, somehow, in my eye, related to each other. the use of chains as "fabric" for the coat in the first piece is pure genius. i also love the gold tassels on the black skirt. the third outfit really reminds me of a chanel piece (can you see that too?) and the skirt of the fourth piece is just so beautifully structured. sweetheart necklines are lovely as well. the last piece is a redefinition of classic, with the intricately pleated and draped dress and the voluminous but chic outer. love the detail of the "hats" as well. another great collection.


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