chain of love

finally i have my stinking memory stick. this outfit was a random dress up (but probably something i'd wear)
i'm wearin a denim guess jacket from my childhood, a bandage skirt from a newport boutique called crush, a DIY chain necklace (i'll explain! first diy in a long time), and a quarter sleeve striped henley (my favorite shirt ever).

DIY: for the chains, i went to michael's and scourged my house for chains. then i just opened them up wih pliers and connected and draped them the way i wanted it. it's that simple! :D

hope you like the blurry pictures. haha, i'm getting a new camera, hopefully, soon.


Victoria said...

So Creative!!!

Style Bird said...

I love the outfit..I need to try this DIY. Your DIY's are always perfect. xo ava

the christy said...

nice outfit; it all matches:)
and the necklace is great. (you're so skinny!)
i got a new camera but need to get a pro duo memory card lol.

teaplusfashion.blogspot.com xx

Marieke said...

Nice outfit!

Courtney O. said...

gorgeous outfit. i want a jean jacket just like yours! and such a cool diy.