jailbird, i wanna be set free

this is my outfit, of the day, which i didn't wear today. sorry for being inconsistent on these things. it's the chiffon shirtdress from 2 posts ago! ahah, i'm uncreative. but the red wool pencil skirt is great, liz claiborne, but i have to alter the hem and make it age appropriately short. haha. i'm so retarded. the last picture is the profile pic for my facebook group! join it! and stupid blogger wont let me post a link. so just type in "fascination drop" on search. it's a great group (okay.. 22 people.. but they all love it genuinely so :D ) the picture is siri tollerod. she's great.
okay, so a break from fashion and here's my day. SMELLS LIKE TAR. the stupid construction workers behind my house are working on stuff that hasn't been touched in too long. and they're talking bout budweiser.
school: i just took a AP euro test that was 5 paragraph essay and 77 multiple choice questions A-E. yayyyy. failed that. ahha, and a spanish 2 test as well. hola, no me gusta espanol para nada. especially my class. but i did like TODAY'S outfit. ahah i wore a black slouch shirt over a black dress, my givenchy tights, my crossbody doctor bag that i love, and those cute patent black flats. i need to get those tickets to see the ballet Gisele. GAHHHH. i love/hate my life. i wish it would keep raining/be REAL fall weather. stupid cali. geezz. how about you beautifulz guyses?
quote of the day: "so what kind of bike do you ride, a fashion horse?"


Feelmore said...

this is a fantastic combination.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA omg a fashion horse!!
and yea we need to buy gisele tix. and your outfit today was super cute!

Chloe T said...

Aw thanks so much for the comment, really appreciate it. :D
I love love love this outfit.. the stripes are quite insane but they work because it's in monochrome... But then you've thrown in the really great red skirt which just works really well together.
LOVE this ensemble :)