boom boom boom i want you in my room

i went to a park near my house today. and we rode minature trains (via the pleasure of my little brother johnny, who loves thomas the tank engine) and i took a nature picture, for once :D haha. anyways. that outfit isn't one i wore today, but it's friday's outfit. i wore my slouchy dance shirt, an oldnavy dress, givenchy tights, and my doctor bag! i think i went over this last post lol :] but yeah, comfortable. the pocketwatch looking thing was thrifted from salvation army because i was looking for jewelry pieces that i could disassemble and reassemble for me and my friend's fashion collection. i love doing accessories! (hint, embellished tights!) the sketch is one i recently did. I WILL take better pictures of them soon. but i'm getting more creative! i think.. haha. do you like them?


Victoria said...

those designs are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow. that bag is amazing. it love it!and those pictures are amazing, i love fashion drawings. inspirational.

Emilie.Katogo said...

Yes I changed but I like my new blog better =)
I'm gonna inform my other followers now.

exchange Links?

Lovely Drawings as always =)

Emmy x

amy. (: said...

thankyou for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! (:
your sketches are lovely! :D

Chloe T said...

I really love that pocket watch, it'd look great as a necklace. :D The nature shot is lovely and your outfit is so nice.. especially the bag!
The sketches are wonderful too, you're so talented. :)

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit...your sketches are always so beautiful and I love the ideas too.

Courtney O. said...

honestly, i love this post. i LOVE your outfit and am now upset that i dont have a cute flowy skirt like that, and i think your drawings are amazing. please do more!