this is ACTUALLY today's outfit! haha. yeah. so i wore a motorcycle jacket from H&M, a silk top from my mom, a black necklace from my aunt, gray bandage skirt from crush, and black opaque tights.
i hate myself for having a crappy camera/crappy angles. but legit enough for you to see right!? :]

it was pretty comfy. but i'm still kind of a little sick. but gettin' better.

this was a cluster of flower lights that i was GONNA use but didn't. so i piled them and plugged it in, in the dark . pretty cool picture.. to me. lol



the christy said...

oh wow, i love this outfit :)
the colours really compliment each other!
i love the top especially!
it is a pretty cool pictures, such cute lights!

michelle said...

you're welcome :)
and i adore the bandage skirt. i never got around getting one at the risk of it making me look terribly, terribly curvy. x

Style Bird said...

I love this look. I love the colors together..it is perfect. I love the photo of the string lights too. xoxo ava

Anonymous said...

ahhh i want a skirt like that so bad but, i tried one on, and it was just... no. hahaha, you look fabulous... as usual<3

Courtney O. said...

i LOVE this outfit. such a cute jacket.