kirkwood forest

did someone say nicholas kirkwood for rodarte?
ummm yeah. so i saw these in harper's bazaar first.. and they be wonderful
so intellectually stimulating to look at his miniature sculptures. they are jut beautiful and super innovative. the laser cutout in the first one is so beautiful and meticulous. love the hue and the chic ness of it.
the second shoe is plain simple beauty. with a clean cut streamline look, it seriously is the ultimate shoe. (was he channeling louboutin with the red sole?)
the last shoe is so cool. very utilitarian chic.. and useful. lol looks like i could kill someone with these! :D the point cuts across super fine in these shoes. white masterpiece for sure. the mix of the soft white with the sharp metal heel is perfection.



mifajyar said...

sick shoess.
Love the last one, wish they were in black!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These shoes are so fabulous they are artwork. I'm in love with the first pair!

Style Bird said...

The shoes in the last pic are perfect. xoxo ava

nathaliehelennn said...

i love the second pair, i think i could actually where those in public<3

erin said...

i love the third pair of shoes. they are brilliant!