the sculpture garden

(shoes from google images)
if picasso was a shoe designer what would he do? i think he'd be up against henry matisse. they both are very architectural (echh cubism) and very natural with organic shapes. look at these beauties and tell me who YOU see :D
MARNI MARNI MARNI: i die. these sculptured and sleek shoes are just so chic. i would buy these if they were under 250 (South Coast Plaza sale status!) love that store. they've got metal like antlers hanging from the ceiling that display bags and dresses, can you say LOVE? call it an investment because these will stay with you all your life. they will work with virtually anything by my standards.. wish list much!?
JIL SANDER JIL SANDER JIL SANDER: the sleek and streamline face of jil sander's shoes never cease to amaze me. i love how sharp the edges on all her shoes are, and how the elevation of the WHOLE shoe is just great. do you likkkkkeee? :]
AZZEDINE ALAIA AZZEDINE ALAIA AZZEDINE ALAIA: goodness. make me feel good. these are JUST the sculptural block suede heels i want. the hue is definitely gorgeous. i love the feel or these.. with the cutout in the wedge of this heel.. v. great for my style.
sorry about not blogging about my style.. outfits.. blah. because my baby siblings decided to open 2 boxes of cereal and spread them over every square foot of my woodfloor house (my mom's super sick can't take care of them) and they have a fond liking to water based things. so they go in the bathroom (NEEDS TO BE LOCKED) and pour water into their little fake cooking sets. and dump it elsewhere. like on my jeans. and on their wooden toys. see if i care when mold grows on it.
ummm.. birthday's comin up yo! so yeah :D can't wait.
birthday cards ? :D just kidding.. if you do ill give you my address personally :]

by the way, much thanks to hayley harris at captivating rookie for doing this profile on me! feel so loved, love you hayley :D


E said...

I want a pair of Alaias very very badly :-(

harrish said...

Your welcome my lovely, it was rushed because i was in a lesson at the time but still ha :)
Thank you too ^

Style Bird said...

I love the Marni wedges..I have been addicted to wedges. xoxo ava

Emma said...

yay you found me! aw sorry about your jeans and having to clean up cereal :(
lovely shoes, though!

Anonymous said...

i love the marni ones very mucho<3