i wish i could save you

this is a portion of the dance costumes that i am creating for me and my friends' "heart dance." it has to be about a modern-day issue that can be also personal as well.. ours is about alchoholicism.
there are 3 people in the dance, and i'm wearing a white shirt because i'm trying to help her with her addiction, and she is wearing gray, because white and black (the color of the other girl's shirt) mix to become gray. our song is save you by kelly clarkson, and hopefully i can get a recording of it sometime for you all to see :] i really love it.
so this shirt symbolizes how torn up you become when you are an alchoholic, or have a severe addiction to something. on all the shirts, i tore up all the sleeves so that when we turn/leap, their is fringe in the air :D haha. but the gray shirt has additional "rips" on the bottom, symbolizing something more deep and cutting than what i am experiencing when i'm trying to help her. the black shirt is also cut up along the sleeves, but i may just cut some pieces/ slash up the front of her shirt. what do you think i should do?
also, i'm planning to cut off the sleeves of my white shirt and fringe the bottom when i'm done with this dance :]


Anonymous said...

COOL diy


Anonymous said...

love love love the song! <333
i seriously wish i was in that dance!!
you guys better record it so i can see it!
hahaha love the shirts!
-nico <3

Victoria said...

Jessica + her amazingness = EXTRA CREDIT!

beckyxoxo said...

wow amazing top ! seems like a nice dance :D

mifajyar said...


Emilie.Katogo said...

Good luck with your performance,
That is one sexy top ;)


Emmy xox

Bella said...

cool top! your ripping is so neat... you must have a whole lot of patience :p xxx

Anonymous said...

wow gorgeous and so creative!
Nicky :)

Style Bird said...

Your dance sounds exciting. The fringe is a great idea. xoxo ava

Courtney O. said...

super cool idea. love how you actually had a reason for the cuts and symbolism behind it! good thinking. and i bet the dance is rockin :]