kookily kool karolyn

karolyn, 27, of paris, france has SKILL AT UNFATHOMABLE LENGTHS.
i cannot even comprehend the beauty in EVERY one of her pieces. each of them all exemplify a personally unique yet high fashion taste that is on-key. the first sketch, a mix of mcqueen summer '10 is breathtakingly flawless. the second picture is a model from dior, and looking at it, you can just see the classiness and ladylike aura oozing out of her. and SIRI TOLLEROD AND COCO ROCHA! when i saw these, my heart lept. they truly capture the brightness in the eyes and the whole look of each model, perfectly. the last picture, a look from stella mccartney summer '10, is flowing gracefully and the punch of color adds a light playfulness into it. i also love how she leaves the face and skin without color, it really adds her own aesthetic into her avant-garde work.
karolyn puts her heart and soul into all these drawings, so i suggest you take a look at her blog, do you like my tight sweater?she is DEFINITELY my favorite fashion illustrator. this girl is something you just CANNOT miss. please visit her blog, and maybe you will soon be devoted to reading and admiring all her beautiful work.


Style Bird said...

Beautiful. I will visit her blog. I love your header!! xoxo ava

Maria Confer said...

Those drawings are so completely stunning.

Thanks so much for the comment. I'm now following you!!



Anonymous said...

so intricate and detailed.. i am now absolutely in love with her blog..

-nico <3
ps love the header.. <333