ice ice baby

damn. feel like i could rule the ice kingdom (some random world made up in my own crazy head) with these mcqueen spring '10 stunnas. they just look so slick and icy to me, like they were carved out of huge blocks of ice or just made of liquid mercury! i love the materials and innovative designs in his looks this for this season. the cool colors make me feel very.. wintery, even though he's already doin' his spring looks! haha. pale faces and white tights go very well with the icy shoes that mcqueen has ingeniously created. the second pair are so different and unexpected, they just don't look like shoes. the crystal beads on the first pair really make them stand out, they totally look like glass/ice shards. and the irregular silhouette we NEVER see is refreshing too. it contrasts nicely with the champagne-brown satin of the shoe. the next pair just looks SO BUBBLY! i love the silver sequin tights.. a little of sensory overload, but so sharp and clearly defined. they look like fish or scales to me. and the shoes are just wonderful, they look just like i blew a whole bunch of bubbles and they all stuck together in the shape of a mcqueen shoe! :D BUT, the first pair MUST be my ultimate favorite. this is what i mean by 'liquid mercury.' the beautifully metallic color of these shoes really make them stand out, as well as the wrought metal coils and twists on the whole shoe. it's almost snakelike, with the movement on the wrapping of the heel and the winding of the front sole. digging the clear straps as well, i'm guessing they're hard to keep on! wonder how many pounds those are :] anyways, these pieces were BREATHTAKING and astonishing to behold, definitely getting closer to hussein chalayan's aesthetic, but not quite. keep amazing me, mcqueen. xx


Style Bird said...

Hi! I gave you an award on my blog. xo ava

Bella said...

arent they amazing? I liked the image of the bubbles there :)
^^^and congrats on yur award :)^^^