sweetly technicolor dreams

Thank You Ava, @ style bird for this lovely award!
i really appreciate it :D <3
i pass this award onto:
my lame attempt at cool photography. actually, the whole story behind this was me playing with a scratched cd. i was bored on the bed while my sister was reading so i grabbed my camera and the blue-backed cd. then i just put the cd in different angles in front of the lense. i actually ended up getting these super cool pictures. i also used both sides of the cd. my favorites are probably the last and first ones. i even changed the color of the light bulbs! haha :D this was really fun. i've done something like this before but with cellophane. it's pretty cool. anything works, and it comes out well too!
+your thoughts please ;]


SAUVAGE said...

the photos came out really cool! I thought they were eyes at first =]

sarah said...

thanks for your comment, but actually the artwork isn't mine. it's by an artist named cherri wood. you can see more of her stuff here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fysimone/

hope you enjoy :)

harrish said...

Thank you soooooo much doll :)
Thats so sweet..
and girl these aren't lame at all i especially <3 the 3rd one so cleaver


Victoria said...

aww shucks! thanx so much!
and those are amazing pictures Wu!!!!!!!!!

Aïcha b. said...

haa you deserve so much your award ! :)
I love those pictures the colours are so beautiful !