diggin dinnigan

(images from nymag.com)
collette dinnigan's spring 2010 RTW collection blew me away. the clean cut lines and flowing silhouettes are amazing and really beautiful. the first look is a chic little number, and while i HATE those connected dress things that LOOK like a shirt tucked into a skirt but is really a dress (confusing enough, really), i love the how the piece looks as a whole. i especially adore the second dress because it is the first one with color, after 20 or so looks of monotonous blacks and grays (which i still, LOVE SO MUCH). the green shade is just so gorgeous and even vivid though its' still toned down a little. the draping of the whole skirt of the dress is really great as well. the sheen in the material of the dress gives it a special look, as well as the detail on the straps. the third is very fine in the detail as well, the beading on the bodice of the dress contrasts well with the sheer skirt too! the last dress is very intricate and unique. the sheer top of the dress and the hint of black in the straps really pull the whole look together with the beaded bottom half of the dress. this collection is truly inspiring, something only done by the wonderful, and newly discovered by me, Collette Dinnigan.


Style Bird said...

I love them all. The color of the dress in the second pic is beautiful! xo ava

E said...

I love the draping of these beautiful skirts. You're inspiring me to break out and re-work some of my own...