the desire i first tried to hide

these sketches are the first watercolours/sketches i've done in way too long. so the first piece is basically very structured and defined in cut with super sharp edges. i love the idea of strong/jutting out shoulders. one thing i really love about this sketch is the HAIR. haha, i never do detail on hair, but i guess i was bored and so i added some color (i think red hair is so pretty) and added some volume and a little bit of frizz (that actually looks good). the 2nd piece is something i reall like to do, just a side profile with a black silhouette of the face and some watercolour for the hair. i actually made this photo into a blog award, which i will soon be distributing(!! yay !!) i added some cool fonts and curved the edges, so watch out, readers, i just may choose your lovely little blog :D
how do you think it came out? your thoughts please!


博子 川久保 said...

First of all thank you for your lovely comment! And for linking me on your page, I will do the same!
I agree, she is very diverse, sometimes I hardly recognize her. Your blog is lovely btw!

MICHELLE said...

Your blog its lovely! really like the style.
Check out my blog whenever you want

Bella said...

I love the shoulders (and the hair!!)
I have a surprise for yoooooh on my blog :) xxx

Style Bird said...

Beautiful..I love the hair. I love the dress and gloves too.xo ava

Bella M said...

the way the colours fall together within these designs is beautiful; and the reality of pencil lines here define an unfinished fantasy from becoming overdone. i envy your orininality! kiskisx


michelle_ said...

gorgeous picture dear :D
i love the soft color wash from the water colors .
and thanks for the link .
i'll surely link you back .

mind following me ? :D

Anonymous said...

talented you are!

Anonymous said...

red hair?? oh reeaaally, i wonder who has red hair... oh wait... ME. hahahaha love you wu poo

Courtney O. said...

well, seeing as i love everything you make, i seemed to like this. THE SIDE PORTRAIT'S BEAUTIFUL.

kelsea said...

these are beautiful, you know.
your simple color choices are superb! you should post more :D

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