a very merry unbirthday to me... in 2 days

(click for larger images)
yesterday night was PRICELESS. because it was my unbirthday (actually 2 days until my REAL birthday) & we ate at cheesecake factory and walked around for about 2 hours. then: i received a brand new wrapped issue of VOGUE NIPPON!@#$@#$ and also something called the Teen Vogue Handbook . thanks, NB! love them both to death. also, we found out that fashion island just opened a Y-3 and my friend had the same last name as him so we HAD to take a picture in front of the store, which as very sleek an minimal with white shelves everywhere. the last picture is a piece i've been doing since 3 days ago. they are different legs and arms in different positions, such as bent legs, pointed legs, flexed feet, fists, pointing fingers, etc. i really love this piece because its' very eccentric, unlike things i've done before. there are also different patterns on each part, which took quite some time to think up, but the results are AMAZING. your thoughts please! xx


博子 川久保 said...


Bella said...

that drawing is AMAZING. seriously. happy unbirthday :) xxx

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome
darling you have a fabulous blog, keep it up!
so glad i stumbled across it
thanks for the sweet comments, ive linked you!

check out my blog @

Style Bird said...

It's almost your birthday! Wow, I love the legs and arms. xo ava

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy u like ur presents! :)
that drawing is amazing! u can probably get extra credit for design craft. hahaha although you probably don't need it.. hah
happy almost birthday!! love ya <3
-Nico <3

Lilee said...

great pics!!!

Courtney O. said...

i LOVE the picture you made. did you paint it or...? i always draw random legs coming out of stuff too so it's cool that you did that! although you draw arms much better than me.

Anonymous said...

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