rain rain please stay

pop art mixed with fashion. i like.
haven't danced in way too long. not that i can do that ^
FINALLY IT RAINED. i've been sick for a long time already, and hopefully i'm better with antibiotics. i actually bronchitis.. weird. i hate having a sore throat and my abs just ache every time i cough. woo this sounds like a sob fest about my sickness. i truly wish i could update everyday (i already missed3 days of school boo :( how are you all?


Victoria said...

JESSICA! I havnt seen you in forever!

nathaliehelennn said...

jesssssica! we all miss you at school :( feel better! i had bronchitis like a year ago so... i feel your pain, haha that sounds cheesy, but really, feel better! awesome pictures btw! love, nathalie

Style Bird said...

I wish it would rain for weeks, I am over the sunshine right now. I hope you feel better. xoxo Ava

Bella said...

you poor thing!! feel better soon :( I love the first picture btw :) xxx