cogito ergo sum

(1) this is a montage of random pictures of birthday presents i've received. (2) yes, i did receive a white/albino peacock for my birthday.
DISCLAIMER: (2) is ridiculously untrue but desirable.
+ i got 2 organic hand-knit scarves from Thailand for my birthday, from a Thai exchange student named Mint (how cool is that?!). The red scarf is the same knit as the rainbow one (close up, shot number 2). This knitting TOTALLY reminds me of the sick Rodarte knits that Kate and Laura Mulleavy miraculously dream up.
+ i also received a very Missoni-esque scarf and cute wool headband (not see-able D:). Both will keep me warm! Thanks, HS!
+ i bought the black moto vest in shot 3 at Urban Outfitters for 10 dolla. made me pretty happy. love it when things are insanely cheap. i paired it with this droopy holey navy sweater-y thing that my mom gave me under it. i really love both pieces.
yeah just found it on the internet randomly... i forgot what i typed into google images though...
thanks lovely readers!


Rianna Bethany said...

really like the scarves you got for your birthday and i love your blog too! I've added you to my favs list, i'm still not over the giles deacon post! I could look at the garments for hours!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

Bella said...

omfg, that peacock rocks. I want one. a lot. xxx

Courtney O. said...

wow... anyone who finds something for $10 at urban outfitters is amazing! and love everything else. even the peacock.

Style Bird said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE the holey sweater with the vest, it looks perfect. Beautiful scarves. xoxo ava