it's like forgetting the words to your favorite song

do you like animal prints? the only one i can work with is leopard, and this wonderful chiffon scarf is the only animal print i own in my closet! this is my mother's scarf, i love it so much. it's not really much of a scarf, since it's like.. handerkerchief material lol. but it's really great pairing up with different things because of the colors involved in leopard print--the different shades of brown and beige and even specks of black.
i wore this scarf with a black longsleeve dress from BANANA REPUBLIC, tights from TARGET, gray moto jacket from H&M, leather gold buckle belt from my MOM. such a comfy outfit! i just need leather boots to complete this look :D

i'm so happy that thanksgiving is coming around, because it means FALL, FOOD, AND FUN. the three F's i look forward to. i love the bitingly cold but wonderful weather( it means you can bundle up and layer! ), the good food around autumn (thanksgiving dinner and other crap! haha ), and the opportunities to hang out with your friends and talk without school getting in the way.

how is your fall going so far? what's your favorite animal print?


Style Bird said...

This is perfect, I LOVE it! I love the scarf..and I love the brown belt with it.I need to copy this. xo ava

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The outfit & the SCARF

Angela said...

Great outfit! I love your jacket! ;)

Courtney O. said...

absolutely amazing outfit. love it!

Chloe said...

amazing! and ive seen your jacket at h&m before but didnt end up buying it. anyways lovely outfit!

Anonymous said...

jessica, i love your outfit, but, sadly, it is much too warm for southern california :/
sigh... oh the dillema...
haha XD