akris from above

AKRIS SPRING 2010 RTW was sleek. minimal. clean. yet chic. i use few words to describe it because that's just how the whole collection is. then comes the pops of color. these colors are vibrant and rich, contrasting with the monotone of the pieces before. they're all beautiful to me. here are a few of my favorites:

the muted and soft gray color scheme of this whole look is very comforting and relaxing. it's so chic with the folds and the right amount of skin exposure. this look could bore some, but not me.

the layering of this outfit is perfection. the different shades of gray really mix together to make this look work really well. gray cigarette jeans and the layering uptop pull the whole casual look together. the skinny belt is great as well (2 strapped thin belt's on my wishlist! :D)

 the fluidity and flowing material of this piece is really stunning. the vivid red hue also contributes to this piece's wonderful-ness!

this piece is so FALL-y! the deep red, orange, and brown palette makes me think of fallen leaves in autumn. a very warm and cozy feeling

i love this dress a lot because i have one similar to it! obviously i don't work it like this chick does, but the color and draping of the dresses are very similar! mine is probably more green, but i really love kriemler's extensive use of sheer materials.

OH . probably my favorite of the whole collection. when i see this piece i feel like i'm swimming in a placid lake; the hues are so calm and peaceful, yet change and flow in different ways throughout the dress. amazing.

i'm sorry for making this post so long, but i really think i can get deep into my own explanation and review of my favorite pieces of shows. i hope you like this runway review! enjoy



olivias-pizzaz said...

ahhh i love it!! great post

Rock-Chique said...

Hey girl!

Aaw, that's so sweet. I will put you on the list too.

You can judge about fashion-shows very well!


Rock-Chique said...

Whuahaha only these months of the year. Much parties & holidays! But no spare time..

My parents are really devoted to the rich Asian culture & are very strict :$!

It's im 18, so I try to have my time. My life have started.. And you? You're very young I see, and so much style. You shoud be proud :)

Anonymous said...

omg! karlie kloss (sp?) looks different but like even more gorgeous, if thats possible..