beam of golden sunshine

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FALL/WINTER WISHLIST '09: black screen taffeta dress [H&M], navy military coat with silver buttons [F21], gold faceted ring [H&M], black band vest with gold trim [3.1 PHILLIP LIM], leather zip mini skirt [F21], black round leather bag with chain [H&M], combat boots [H&M], double twist belt [F21], encrusted necklace with pearls [TOM BINNS]

oh, tom binns, you are every girl's dream. the faux real collection especially. so versatile, because you could totally wear it with the chic-est LBD or go casual with a teeshirt and the BAM necklace.
i really love blacks and golds right now. damn well wish the military jacket had gold buttons (totally ruins the whole black and gold theme.. but whatever). i love the pop of metallic, even just sheen, in black pieces. so here comes the cliche whats-in phrase: black is SOOOO in   OH, spare me, it will ALWAYS be in.

the outfit is blurry because i took it at night and my camera sucks crap at night... without flash... (which like kills my battery to half, it's a malfunctioning retardedly old camera: think 2002 or something) so this is the pic-cha. i wore a black tank dress with a pocket and this super old lace-looking skirt that looks like navy with an overlay of white lace, and a black belt. i really liked the layered effect of this look. PROBLEM: the skirt is from when i was 3rd grade, and i can barely zip it up all the way... so ... yeah. i'll deal with that later. it just makes everything look complete.



Victoria said...

Cute skirt!
oOOOO i really like that vest from H&M and i want some bootssss like that tttttttttooooooo

Anonymous said...

idc if it doesn't zip up all the way, just pin it and wear it! hahah <333
love your wishlist! we need to go shopping soon!!
-nico <3

Anonymous said...

ahh! i love your wishlist and i love you jessica wu (omg i also love how everything rhymes with your last name, i wish my last name was that cool...)!

Style Bird said...

I love this look..layering the skirt is a great idea. Love it!! xo ava