sombre hues cheer me up

(image effects from picnik.com)

i love that website. it's like a faux photoshop. because i wouldn't have the skills to edit beautifully :D
anyways, it's the first outfit post in a long time that's UP-TO-DATE. i wore this yesterday for a semi-dinner party-ish thing at my house yesterday. the sweater dress is from target, nerdzies from UO, the black leather heart buckle belt is from my mom (hmm.. college days?), the tights are from my mom as well, and so is the bag! haha, i cant wait to raid her closet when she leaves for taiwan (2 weeks.. gah.!) it's usually INSANELY cold in my house, but you know, look good for the guests! not that... there was anyone my age to impress, lol. think ages 3-12. but it was really comfortable. i love bird silhouettes, as you can tell!

+++ i just finished my AP euro reading / termsheet. i am SO happy/relieved. and i will soon be posting pictures of a basket i am weaving/making! it's super fun/finger-cramping to make but i really love it so far.

much thanks to all who have put up with my boring blogging, 48 followers, i love you all! <3


Style Bird said...

I love, love, love this look..I need that sweater dress. Perfect. You look beautiful, I love your hair and glasses. Cool photos..I will check that site out. xoxo ava

Mimi said...

your style is hot. in the conservative way :3 i really love your grey sweater dress. wanna lend me it for a day? haha jk.

Bella said...

those bird silhouettes are AWESOME :) xxx

harrish said...

Thank you doll :)
They were too much fun to make ..so going as a mummy on friday and ghostbuster next monday ;)

Slightly weird because the day you posted this i wore pretty much the same thing-well the dress with belt and tights. Weird. But love it you look so damn beautiful

Victoria said...

hmmmm jessica beautiful. AS ALWAYS! haha

Anonymous said...

jessica, i love your outfits, and i love your hair in this one! and i love how your blog helps distract me from my ap world hw until you mention your ap euro hw XD

no but really you are amazing and i'm going to go do my hw and cry at the same time. oh yeah its 1am btw.

love nathalie :)