uptight updo

(pictures from google.com)
zac posen
 dolce and gabbana

i've had a mad obsession with updo's lately. i love putting my own hair in a bun as often as i can, though i wish i could adorn/style my hair with the perfection of those above. rodarte focuses on a clean cut and slicked back bun and then intense rubber banding on the bun itself, which i ADORE. prada's updo is also very prim and proper, i love the shape of it so much. zac posen's little braid across the hair is a nice touch, and the updo is a little messy, but wonderful. dolce and gabbana adds some glam to the clean slicked back hair by adorning the head with a beautiful encrusted headband, so chic. finally, chanel's sloppily BRILL hair with the cascading flowers really reminds me of geishas/japan. it's messy almost everwhere, but the end result is just phenomenal, and it blows me away.

hair makes me happy.



Style Bird said...

They sre all beautiful,I love these ideas. I'm terrible at hair. xoxo ava

harrish said...

Thank you doll :) not going to lie but it was so much fun haa

Love this post..
i loveee the 3rd,4th and 5th ones especially.. so beautiful ..i wish i didn't suck at hair as much as i do lol


BadRomance said...

The hairstyle is so pretty =)

Beth said...

Wow these are such inspiration for hair styles!
Love that 2nd last one especially :)
Awesome post

cindy said...

I love all your hair pics - makes me motivated to try something new. Just discovered your blog - very nice!