red lips, red veins

this post's title is a play on Regina Spektor's "Blue Lips." i love that song so much, and i also really like deep red lipstick. and many other red things. thing is, i think i'd get the weirdest stares if i wore lipstick outside of my house... or a dance performance. anyways, the lipstick i wore is estee lauder in 'black wine,' i truly adore this shade. not TOO red, but not anything else unwanted either.

>>> yesterday i wore a moto jacket and scarf [not pictured] from H&M, sweater tee from the hall closet, and my newly ripped DIY tights :D very comfy, and the night is still not cold enough that i would sacrifice all to wear denim/ thermals lol. such a simple outfit, but something that i really think looks very well put together. FOR A CRAZIER LOOK: add some combat/lace-up boots (gahh still looking for an affordable pair!), draw on cat-eyes, and slap a couple studded accessories and you're ready to go!

for the tights: all you need to do is grab a pair of sheer/semi sheer TIGHTS, NOT LEGGINGS. then take a pair of scissors or something stab-able and slit a hole wherever desired. to get gnarly ladders/rips, pull the area near the border of the hole you cut and keep on pulling until you want to stop. do this wherever you like on the surface of your tights. VOILA!
hope you enjoy the DIY :)



Style Bird said...

Wow, the photos are cool and you look beautiful. I love that lipstick. I LOVE this look..I will try to do the tights DIY. Every time I try to make a look like this happen, it doesn't work. xoxo ava

Courtney O. said...

damn i love those tights. maybeeeee ill follow your diy=] oh and gorgeous outfit! you always have the best clothes!

Courtney O. said...

ok so i wanted to swoop in and say i love you. now ill explain why:
1. your gorgeous!
2. you have rediculously good style.
3. you responded to my question on my page. no one does that. and i never read the answers becuase i always forget where and when i asked them. GOOD FOR YOU.
4. do you have a lookbook? do you want one if no?

CMA said...

so flawless darling
love the look, great tights and i love the touch of red
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and DIY, darling!


RACHEL ! said...

do you wear pants underneath the tights ?



'Lee said...

looking cool (:
love the DIY ripped tights, I would probably rip mines apart if I tried to DIY 'em ahahaha

Theory of a fashion victim

TIFFANY said...

i love regina spektor!
=) great outfit

Anonymous said...

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