ruffle my feathers

NO ESCUELA MANANAAAA!!!! as you can tell, i am very happy that there is no school tomorrow. the first three pictures are shots of a piece i did called ruffle my feathers. the mediums i used were ink pen, pencil, and acrylic paint. for the feathers, i actually got some feather and brushed paint onto them, and used them as stamps. i think they came out pretty cool. though it was kinda dirty, i had fun doing it. then i drew some random ruffles going around the piece (i updated it a little.. but i have no updated picture). i really love this piece because of the mixture of paint and ink. i love this shirt so much. i bought it at this little korean boutique in irvine called Polka Dot, and it is so cute and versatile. the fringe "necklace" can be taken off (it's re-attachable and all that good stuff with lobster clasps) or worn as a SERIOUS necklace. you have no idea how many people said 'i love your necklace' today. i had to go through some serious clarifications, thanks C! devoted: "it's NOT necklace" anyways, cheap buy! [$7.99 !!!] love how affordable and versatile (love that word) it is. the shirt can be dressed up with the fringe or just as a casual shirt with a cute skirt or shorts by itself. i'm betting that i can also hook other necklaces on. SWEET :) i wore this today with f21 denim cutoffs, black opaque tights, and black patent ballet flats. xx


Victoria said...

i was one of those who thought it was a necklace =P
Jessica. i just gotta say. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN TALENTED WOMAN!

<3 ya

lisa + cathy said...

me likey that grey tee :D and this is the first time i've seen fringe necklace look good! And i adore your style very grungy and cool

michelle_ said...

these are all awesome !
you're a very talented artist . i've always loved simple black n white ink drawings :)

thx for dropping by n commentng .
mind following my blog ?
ill follow ursss

Toothfairy said...

really nice shirt!!
and yay, for no school hahaha... did you have fun?


Style Bird said...

Your art work is beautiful, I love it. I love your shirt too. xoxo ava