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TSUMORI CHISATO SPRING 2009 RTW: leaves me speechless.
but, i have to give you my insight, so, here it goes!
this collection really caught my attention becuase of chisato's intense attention to detail. she is able to translate a single motif she created throughout a  44 piece collection.

(1,2) the wave pattern she used on her beautiful chiffon dress is visible with the ruch-ing of the hem! i love how she did this. i love the ruching on the skirt as well, very scrunchy but chic! such a delicate pieces.
(3,4) the flowing blouses paired with bright watercolour images/prints truly give these pieces a thumbs-up from me. i adore the colors she uses in this collection! the ruching on the bodice of the white blouse is impeccable, and they pair so well with the loosefitting pants
(5,6) again she uses the ruching on the skirt, it seriously reminds me of an opera curtain.. anyways, the differentiation in the color ranging from top to bottom is truly wonderful. the cascading ruffles of the long dress is beautiful as well, love the ongoing bird motifs.
(7,8) sailor-esque to the max! the ruffled blouse is beautiful from the collar to the sleeves. it look especially beautiful because of the sheer material. the stripes tie in the whole theme too :D love what chisato did with the bustier part of the dress, and look at those leggings! adore them, as you can see the ruching again. lovely.
(9,10) now when i came across these two while i watched the slideshow, i was blown away. the white against the black is something that you see so often, yet chisato makes it something entirely different. the white strips are a definite touch of chic on this structural dress. the silhouette is darling. this gorgeous peachy-keen/nude dress is really something i've been looking for. (i've been obsessed with nude dresses lately, especially in chiffon!!!) so this one really made me happy. there are so many different elements in this piece, yet they all kind of mix together to form this truly exquisite dress.
(11,12) i love the draping of the first dress, it's very slouchy, which i like a lot. i also like the little floral patches peeking out from the pockets, very cute touch. the sweater is beautiful as well, adds a touch of sheen to the look. chisato can seriously play with textures! this creamy orange dress' skirt is reallllyyyy beautiful. the detailing of the winding pieces that make the skirt are truly amazing. i also love the leaf-shaped detailing on the side of the blouse part.
(13,14) more texture texture texture please! the jacket seems to melt into the dress, and the whole effect is astounding. once again there is another cascading motif, as the leaf-shaped details seem to drift onto the folds of the beautifully draped skirt. look at the cropped jacket: it's the same material as the skirt from the picture on right above! give me a chiffon blouse that flows like that and i'll love you forever. the models seem to move so gracefully and angelically. the shade of this one is especially charming. i adore the different materials on the seemingly cake like dress. it's like layers and layers of beautiful fabriic: just what i like :D

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Tayler said...

L.O.V.E. these are gorgeous

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ahh, I love the music on your blog! after i read it, I just leave it open so I can have some awesome toons playing whilst I browse Facebook etc. Loving your blog too, you have a great sense of style :) tegan x

johanna said...

oh gosh i love love love this esp the blouse with the redstriped bikini bottom.ooh!

thank you so much for your comment! xx

Victoria said...

amazing runway looks! i especially love...well i love all of them!

Style Bird said...

Beautiful.. 8 and 10 are my favorites. xoxo ava

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gorgeous darling
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i love your blog! and unintended is the most perfect song!

Fantastical Fashion said...

I'm so drawn to the ruffled blouse with the stripey shorts! I need a ruffled blouse...
Lovely blog :)
- FF x

Suzi said...

I love the sense of style in this collection. i really like the third dress down