wasn't so great, but i did score some finds!

UO: Silence & Noise Black Blazer with Leather Shoulders = $10.00
I ADORE this blazer, but only wish it was full length. still, very cheap and very chic!
i love how they turned the plain black cropped blazer into something different by adding the three folds of leather on the shoulders. a very nice touch!

UO: Silence & Noise Silver Shift Shirt = $10.00,
i paired this with the blazer and the result was BEAUTEOUS, not beautiful, BEAUTEOUS.
the silver is something i do not own in my closet, and it brings a sheen and glistening to my usually drab closet. usually the only glistening i have is hardware (via zippers and brads on my motorcycle jackets and vests)
harmonizes well with the monochrome palette i have ! :D yay!

F21: 2 Finger Bird Ring
i LOVADORE this ring so much. it's super cute :]

F21: Ballerina Necklace
I've been into rather dainty and delicate looking jewelry rather than the praised "statement necklaces" plastered all over every magazine.
dancer pride!

your scores/deals?



Style Bird said...

Great purchases.The silver shirt is perfect and Great jacket. xoxo ava Oh and the ballerina necklace is adorable.

Tayler said...

great finds. Love that silver top, and I could see myself wearing that blazer like everyday. I read your little profile blurb, i love watercolors, cereal and collages to! great blog <3


'Lee said...

great great finds, these are so cute!
love them all.

Theory of a fashion victim

Courtney O. said...

i LOVE that blazer! great find!

RACHEL ! said...

your buys are not fair : (

i can never find such things for such good deals!


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Great purchases! :) No scores for me, as I'm stuck in Canada and do not have Black Friday!

And I will admit that I was stalking through your DIYs, and absolutely love them! Ahhh, it made me nostalgic for summer when I had time for DIYs :) Question - are you thinking of going into the field of fashion/ design?

Wanna exchange links?

Victoria said...

that blazer is amazing! i want it!
oh and the line started to go down but not really two seconds later :D

oh did you know that last night at the urban at the lab they had the same sale from 8pm to midnight instead of a black friday one? My mom went to that one and christmas shopped for me :DDDDD but i she said she waited in line for 2 hours!!!

Samantha said...

OH, QUESTION!!! The F21 website says the rings only come in S/M and M/L. Which size did you buy and what ring size is it closer to, if you know?... (Sorry for just springing this question)

Anonymous said...

How did you get the blazer and that top for only $10? This isn't fair!! America is so cheap :( I love everything you got especially your bird ring :) xxx

Tiffany said...

THAT BLAZER... I can't believe it was only 10! The sales rack at mine always seems to disappoint me.

mariel elisa said...

That jacket was 10 bucks!?!?! What a great find lady