okay this is unclear but i wore a plum trench coat with gold buttons: $50, S&D; jeans: $25, f21; converse (long long LONG time ago... so unknown.. standard price?); long awesome scarf, gift, H&M.

(click for larger images)

i went to snow vallayy today and had much fun. it didn't snow directly on us (boo) but it was really fun.
today was the only day in my life when i felt like UGGS were completely necessary. i hope i never have that feeling again. haha.
anyways, the weather was a nice and chilly 38 degrees and we also went to lake arrowhead village.. it was fun :D
to sum it up
-1 hr 45 min drive thru riverside county
-winded up the mountain to an elevation of 6000 ft
-got creeped out by the scary tall mountains
-ate food while getting lost
-played with snow and went down a large snow slide for the whole time basically
-slipped and fell many times
-ate dinner
-and then my baby sister jacquelyn, 4 years old, drew me the cute picture ^ with the sun!
i love it :D she drew one on a napkin in the restaurant we ate at and i asked her to draw one for me on paper... it might be going in my DROPBOOK



RACHEL ! said...

we have a place exactly called snow valley in TO Canada. and YES. its like impossible not to lust for UGGS when you're walking in 20 cm of snow and the wind is blwing in your face.

your sister IS ADORABLE !

Jess ♡ said...

Aww you're sister is absolutely adorable! Those photos look amaaaaaaaazing... one and only day where you lust for uggs so you're forgiven! :)

Panda said...

Such awesome photos :-)
Love the last one espesh, so cute!
Panda xx

Camilla said...

Love it! xxx


Katya said...

snoow... oh, i want grass!

Birgit said...

your babysister is adorable! & she seems to be a great artist haha!

xx Birgit , & happy new year!

Courtney O. said...

the picture of you frolicking is so cute=] and im glad you dislike uggs as well=]

valncami said...

what beautiful pictures! i love them! you look adorable flouncing about in the snow :D we put your artwork up :)) come seeeee!

xoxo, camilla <3