flutterby, butterfly

oversized sweater: dad, acid wash jeans: $10 tjm, dolce vita wedges: $10, UO

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so this is what i was experimenting with yesterday. i just threw on my favorite baggy and super comfortable sweater (found in my closet... i find the random-est but BEST things in my closet XD) and i paired with a pair of gray acid wash skinnies and the wedges. i  like the jeans with the wedges, so maybe i'll wear them with a different top/jacket (i'm thinking moto jacket or vest!) very comfortable :D

the picture above is drawn by me for   A BUTTERFLY BY DAY : this blog is unique because it is a mother and daughter run blog! i have never encountered anything like it, and i find it so nice that they have a great bond and share a passion for fashion! their photo shoots are always awesome, and they are both so beautiful! the clothing in the outfits are always so well put and styled together. thanks for your wonderful inspiration, valerie&camilla!



valncami said...

aw you are so sweet! this is such a lovely drawing!! is it okay that we post this picture on our blog and put your name and blog under it too?

i love it sooo much! my mom has not seen it yet but when she sees it im sure she will be just as flattered as i am! i love your blog as well and im glad that we are inspiring to you, because you inspire me! ;)thank you so much jessica :) you are amazing.

love the over sized sweater and awesome booties too by the way! you look adorable as per usual!

thank you again, you made my day cutiee :)

with loovee
xoxox, camilla <3

j.amity said...

on one of your recent diys, where in the world can i buy some jazz shoes?? i want to make some oxfords myself lol

i know i can get some a dance stores but there aren't too many near campus...

Victoria said...

so so beautiful!

FemmeLaMode said...

LOVE the acid wash jeans and wedges together! gorgeous look

Style Bird said...

I love this look..I love your new shoes! Another beautiful drawing too. xoxo ava

Tati said...

love this outfitttt

i kinda want it now :)
keep posting
love it all XX

Camilla said...

Love it!

'Lee said...

such a cute oufit :D
love your boots, they're amazing.

Theory of a fashion victim

Panda said...

This is such a cute outfit! I love the big sweater, and the skinnies. You look awesome :)\

Oh, and thats a really sweet little pic...

Panda xx
*follows you*

Katya said...

very simple & nice.

Lilee said...

cute acid washed jeans!

Margherita&Eleonora said...

love this outfit! Sweater is so cool!!!!
(amazing drawing) <3


Anonymous said...

Try out some thigh high boots. Youre still missing that, and would be interested in what pair you suggest.