waves of nostalgia

wedges: $10, UO

close up detail wedge

sequin and chain shoulder tunic: $15, f21

closeup shoulder

GORGEOUS beige tulle and black lace bodice dress that i didn't buy: $26, f21

charles jourdan stitched white leather chain purse: vintage

back from my recent (okay.. like 2 hours ago! haha) shopping trip with my friend nicolette. it was amazing, though there were SO MANY people. forever 21: SWARMING, urban outfitters: SWARMING (surprisingly the checkout line went SUPER fast!) i'm so glad i found those ^ wonderful pieces, at great prices!

we approached f21 with wary eyes, expecting large crowds, which is what we got. so we probably stayed there for like ever, and found only a couple of things... but they were so great!
the twelve by twelve section had the wonderful sequin and chain shoulder tunic, which was at a pretty good price of $19. when i took out my wallet, i used the rest of my f21 giftcard, and so i got 5 dollars off- for a total of $15!! :D i'm so happy, i love it. it really stands out!

then we went to UO, also expecting people=which is what we got as well. all of the sale section was an extra 50% off! (which is why i HAD to go shopping today :D). i picked up a cool leather skirt that was $10, but i never tried it on. then i kind of snaked my way through the busy hipsters to the shoe section, where the wedges that i bought were sitting. FLASHBACK: black friday, 7:31 a.m. i saw the shoes, which were originally $88, on sale for 39.99, plus an extra 50% off sooo. like 20 dollas. i was contemplating whether or not to buy them, but i eventually didn't
AND I'M GLAD I DIDN'T! cuz i got them for $10 today!!! i was so surprised when i was at the register because when she rang it up, it came to only 10, and it was supposed to be 20!! :D
also saw a pair of super cute black studded pointy skimmers (almost bought them!) for 19.99 plus extra 50% off and ANOTHER extra 50% so like $5! (you see, i didn't know it was THAT big of an extra sale so i didn't buy them... 1 pair is enough.. but they were sooo great!)

the last two pictures=this dress took my breath away!
it looked like a million bucks: in other words, something from chanel, with the beige/nude and black theme! i found it in the twelve by twelve section at f21 (the best section there) and it immediately caught my eye. i tried it on and it was BEAUTIFUL ,,,, but i didn't feeling like dropping almost 30 for it. it really reminded me of the RODARTE FOR TARGET beige chiffon dress mixed with the black version.
bye bye beautiful *tear*

love the white bag^ ! i found it while look for my comfiest AA sweats (lost for two weeks.. but found now :D) in the garage. i love it so much!

hope you guys are having a wonderful winter break
SEEING SNOW ON TUESDAY! hopefully not just on the ground... but falling :]



Tayler said...

Love these, great finds! I need to make my way to F21 here soon


ARANXA. said...

i love your blogg....:)
& those shoes are amazing!!

Camilla said...

Love those shoes SO much.


博子 川久保 said...

oh my that shoulder tunic is fantastic! great buys!

FemmeLaMode said...

LOVE the wedges and the top :) great finds in the sales

valncami said...

beautiful dress and i love the white tee with the sequins and chains coming down from the sleeves :)

xo, camilla

Katya said...

perfect shoes.

Margherita&Eleonora said...

we're completely in love with the tshirt!!
<3 <3



Jess ♡ said...

I was so close to getting that tunic yesterday! It was I THINK $25 in Canada though, I mean COME ON. I couldn't afford it, but I could! AHHHH.

I'm just glad that another blogger got it :)