swallowed in the sea

new items!! well, you could say.. not new.. maybe secondhand? okay. so the white chiffon (really THICK chiffon.. maybe two layers) blouse is really for a child, maybe like an 11 year old. but i really love it because it's in the most gorgeous material and it's very comfortable. i can easily tuck it into whatever i feel like wearing. i wore it with a gray bandage skirt from CRUSH, black opaque tights from my  MOM, and white jazz shoes (which i'm planning to convert into real shoes) from my MOM as well :D

THE PLAN: i'm going to cut off the sole of one of my flats that are almost dead :'( and then i'm gluing it onto the bottom of the jazz shoe (which is suede underneath-made for turning!) . hopefully it works... and hopefully she'll let me do it :D



Camilla said...



Tati said...

i love your style!
i dont mean to sound creepy haha but i saw one of your earlier posts and i wore the same type of outfit the other day
it was super cute
so thanks for the inspirations
love your shoes and the bow
happy holidays

fashion westie said...

Don't cha luv it when kids clothes fit? Sometimes the styles they have are pretty cool. And the outfit as a whole looks really cool.

Good luck with convincing your Mum to let you DIY her jazz shoes.

zombi a la mode said...

Really really cute outfit.
:] ~Jenny


I really love your blog, envy your blog as well...

*mind to exchange link? :)

CG *FreeLoader* said...

The ribbon in your hair is adorable. Lovely outfit and I hope those DIY shoes work out for you

kelsea said...

i always end up finding most of my secondhand items in the kiddie section. heh heh i love the sorters...

and....CONGRATS on landing an aa job!! you deserve it.

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS from one not-so-wintery coast to the other! xx

Style Bird said...

I love this..it's perfect and beautiful. I love your hair and your hair ribbon. xoxo ava

Sushi said...

Love this outfit! So pretty x Sushi