i'll drown in your tear storming sea

(click for larger image)

merry eve of christmas eve!

i know it is MUCH too cold to be wearing this outfit outside, thus you can guess that it was dress-up time.

i'm wearing a floral SKIRT that i wore as a strapless dress from my MOM, white lace tights from my MOM, jazz shoes from my MOM, and belt from my MOM.

geez, i might as well live in her closet lol. she has the greatest things. even better: since she returned from taiwan, i've gotten some cute things that she left at her house in taiwan. blouses and dresses :D yay

the collage is part of my everyday/week challenge.
i make a page of inspiration in my sketchbook as often as i can, and hopefully by the time i'm done, there will be 140 pages of great pictures and personal thoughts.
this is the first page in my (OH BOY I NEED A NAME!!!!) book.
the theme is black and white with hints of metal and hardware.
pictures from: coach catalogue, harper's bazaar, riviera, and some japanese magazine.

+++i need names for this book, guys!
help me...!



Anni said...

so beautiful dresss,
and your inspiration book is so chich!

Camilla said...

Wow- I LOVE that dress skirt thing, and the belt! xxx
what about 'The Nameless book of inspiration and other thoughts'.
Is that too long? :) xxx


Style Bird said...

I love this look..beautiful. I love the mood of your photos. Perfect. xoxo ava

betz said...

lovely dress.


Victoria said...

great collage!and i love that outfit! *hype* haha

Marina said...

I live in my mom's closet too... she always has some great stuff that why not go shopping in your own home? And, now, we are the same SHOOEE SIZZEE!

I do something similar to your "inspiration book" only I make them into posters and laminate them. They go in my locker at school and it's always nice to have Alexa Chung or just some great Chloe outfit peering in at you!

I think the book idea is great. You should call it the "Droplet Book." Because they are small drops of your thoughts into a book. Plus, it's also related to the name of your blog. Wow. I just thought of that... nifty. :)

Good luck!

marie joanne said...

your dress is so cute!

JINX said...

what about the name "Medusa's Closet"

Courtney O. said...

cute as always=] and cool first page!

L. said...

it's such a pretty dress! very lovely, i want!

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