this is today's outfit. very comfortable and goes well with the weather we're having here in Newport Beach. the jacket is my mother (vintage.. i guess) and i adore it so much. this is one of the things i've stolen from her closet so far.
Ralph Lauren military jacket from mom, black sweater dress, and black footless tights. very simple, but i think the whole coat/jacket kind of brings and binds the whole look together. it is the best jacket evuurr! i adore the material and how it isn't way too heavy of a coat.

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♥ Strim Vintage said...

Super Cute!

Anni said...

what a gorgeous jacket !

Lilas said...

beautiful outfit, i love it :)

FemmeLaMode said...

Love the jacket so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket lots!!

You live in Newport Beach...I'm well jel!


Bella said...

I love military jackets! I want a vintage one so much :o xxx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous as always darling
totally love it
thanks for sharing
awesome blog, keep it up!
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Tiffany said...

That jacket is perfect! I've been looking for something similar for ages...

Don't mothers give the best things? It's actually where that bag is from that you commented on before (: I mainly go to just all the goodwills and salvation armies in my area! Nothing specific really (:

Celia said...

i LOVE that jacket, it's pretty much the perfect find(:
this took an incredibly long time, but i've finally linked you on my blog and thank you so much for linking me!
love your blogggg

JINX said...

WOW...just found your blog, love your style and everything you bring to fashion blogging...


Style Bird said...

I love, love, love this. This jacket is beautiful! This is perfect. xoxo ava

Marina said...

That jacket is so cool! I love it!

fadetoblack said...

I LOVE your hair and style!

great blog :)



bisou-joue said...

Your coat is so beautiful !!