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yay! i have FINALLY done another sketch(es) since forever. this time i was inspired by flouncy appliques and bright primary colors. i used a lighter version of cobalt blue and some vibrant yellow for these 3 pieces. the first piece is a yellow asymmetrical dress with the appliques that are the base of this mini-series. the appliques cascade down from the left shoulder down to the high waist, and circle all the way to the back, as you can see in the small side drawing. the blue mini cocktail dress also plays with the applique idea. i drew a sweetheart neckline in the darkest shade of cobalt, then added the texture and volume in the skirt of the piece, and finally drew everything together and calmed it down with a lighter shade of the color to close the skirt. my final sketch is also an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder top, accompanied by the same playful yet straight edged appliques this time going all the way down across the waist. there is a side of the skirt of the dress that also has a little triangle of these appliques.

+++my outfit for today:
i was snooping in my mother's closet and found this: a dark hunter-ish/forest green teeshirt dress. I ADORE IT. the color of it seems to have washed out, and i like how when i rolled up the sleeves, the original dark hue contrasted with the light outer color. it also has a pocket, hooray for pockets! i paired it with sheer black tights, a DIY black blossom bracelet that i will get a focused picture on next post (remind me!), and a black belt, and perhaps my moto jacket from H&M. such a comfy and casual chic outfit.

+++what do you think of my sketches?
i love feedback !



JINX said...

end me your email and the link to your blog... i want to feature you on my blog....

Tayler said...

I really like the one shoulder dress with appliques along the side and bottom, its new and original. love snooping in mom's closet, big t shirts that double as dresses, paired with a belt are my favorite <3


Eva Silviana said...

love your style so much :))

Courtney O. said...

what a gorgeous outfit! i love it, and the drawings, are amazing. i loveeeeee theeeemmmm!

harrish said...

Adoreeeee both what you wearing and your sketches

Your style is so refreshing and natural
<3 it !!

Nadia said...

i love your designs and your outfit..so cute :)
Im following you now :)

Style Bird said...

I love your sketches..I want the dress and top you drew. Beautiful. I love the t shirt dress too. xoxo ava

Tati said...

i love your blog
your designs are awesome
shall we follow eachother?

'Lee said...

you look great,
omg those sketches are amazing!
your really good :)

Theory of a fashion victim

Tati said...

okay well the blogger bar at the top u can click follow or you can use this link


awesome i just followed you

Anonymous said...

i am in looove with your sketches! i want, no, NEED the dress w/ the sweetheart neckline, ahh! i'm obsessed!<3
also, i liked your outfit today (but i already told u that haha) and i am obsessed with forest green right now, but i don't have anything that's forest green :P
oh well, someday... haha
love ya!

mifajyar said...

your sketches look amazing.
love it!!!!

Victoria said...

Love that outfit! Did you wear that today? meant to compliment! Amazing designs! love the off the shoulder yellow! oh and the opposite blue, so beautiful:D

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog and WOW amazing sketches. really talented. x

Marina said...

That is a great dress! I love it and I hope you wear it out and about. - Marina

Anonymous said...

okay so i agree with like everything Nathalie said!!
i ADORE and NEED that sweetheart neckline, blue cocktail dress!!! it's so brilliant and fascinating!! haha and love the cobalt-ish blue! in art, i squirted that color into my palette, only bc i loved it. and it's not even in my painting. hahaha
ooh and i love your DIY bracelet and ur forest green shirt/dress.. i feel so proud that i spotted it and saw that it was a shirt and how amazing it looked.
jessica if you do not go to fidm or get an amazing fashion related career when you grow up, then this world is crazy. hahahah

infinite x's and o's,
Nico <33

Chloe T said...

Jessica! Your blog is one of the ones that I've been coming back to and checking it out, even when I haven't been posting.
Thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

I absolutely love the forest green and I agree, I like the contrast of the darker green when the sleeves are rolled. Hurrah for pockets!
And wow, your designs are lovely..! The colours and the appliques are all just really great; glad to see you're doing sketches again.

Chloe xxx

Anonymous said...

i love the sketches! the yellow is my favorite.

mariel elisa said...

I like that last sketch, the blue shirtdress thing with the ruffle. Would LOVE to see that actualized.

Your hair is so beautiful. I'm inspired to grow out my dyed/fried mess.

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for the closed up pic of the black blossom bracelet.. it looks so0ooo0o cute.. hope you can do a tutorial on it... =)