Paint It Black

necklaces: f21, vintage, polka dot, vintage

this outfit/these accessories were not what i wore today. it was MUCH TOO COLD to be wearing anything like that! anyways, i like piling on necklace, but i hadn't had the chance to do it until today... so i did it! i used an all-black or semi-black color scheme .. and that's what came out..
sorry for the super BORING posts: i can't even take pictures of what i'm wearing cuz it's so dang cold! >:[



Tayler said...

LOVE that necklace! <3


Kiyo said...

The first photograph is amazing!
I love how you wore the necklaces, it looks stunning the way you layered them.

Anonymous said...

love all of the necklaces. such pretty pictures!

Camilla said...

Great photos, awesome jewelerry!

Bella said...

the lighting in these is excellent :) xxx

laura said...

ahh! lovely blouse.
&& the necklaces are so unique and "dark" lol. i love it.

I'm starting out, but, check me out:

Style Bird said...

I love the necklaces...I also love these photos!