Laced With Sugar

(images from style.com)

Stella Mccartney's Fall 2009 RTW collection was flawless and each piece had its' own individuality, yet the whole show was cohesive. the first pieces opening the show were a bit androgynous with feminine touches. the plain block colors and punchy prints in monotonous shades were beautifully displayed on dresses and leggings. then the focus shifted to material and lace detail. the lace on the pieces are always really light and deilcate, they all seem to float on top of the skin. some of them even appear to be stickers! the light gray lace contrasting with a burst of beautiful emerald green color in silk really caught my attention. sasha pivarova's dress was immensely beautiful! the draping of the dress, and the lace overlay bunching up at the top is really gorgeous. ditto with lily donaldson's, that' emerald green is SO AMAZING. the colors change and become more muted, but are all just as beautiful. the lace dresses cling wonderfully to their wearers!

this collection was truly worth reviewing (spending time at the school computer lab :P) and i expect stella mccartney will keep on doing her thing! she's quite a woman.



Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I like to read stories like this. Just add some pics :)

Victoria said...

one of my favorite designers!!!
I love the sleeves of the....6th look i believe :D
and the last one i love love love <3

pinja said...

love that collection!