The Honey Trees

(navy wool coat ralph lauren, from my mom; 3 layers of tights: black, wool, black; gray crew socks; dolce vita laceups)

it stopped raining. i love rain :( anyways it was so cold i had to wear 3 LAYERS of tights! i was refusing to wear pants because it wouldn't go with my original VOLUME ON TOP, skinny on bottom idea. it was quite a warm outfit though! love the new navy pullover with a FLAP!!! (picture 2) it's not even a hood, but i love it, it's kind of schoolgirlish.

the last picture is a DIY that i've been meaning to do -- just gotta get some leggings from the teeshirt store because i have a WIDE array of crazy ones i can fit under the cutouts! :D

+++went to michaels for like the 100th time in my life to buy 4 heavy duty chains that i will be using once i get some secret materials from my grandmother.
this item, hopefully, will be going on my etsy shop! (or i will just duplicate, and play around with the idea and change it) i just need a credit card (gettin' one soon!)



J'aime said...

The shoes and the different constructed leggings, are perfect.
Just read through a little bit more, to see where ou got it from, and you DIY'ed them. Woweee, they are brilliant, wish I could have a pair.


Callie said...

I love your pullover !

Style Bird said...

This is a great outfit and I love how you wore the socks with those shoes. xoxo ava

Marina said...

That would be a great DIY idea! And, yes I like that pull-over as well, the black flap thing (oh, that sounds quite dirtyy haha) is really cool. and, i often double up on my tights because it gets so cold here and I wear them with my school uniform. anyway, great outfit!

Kiyo said...

I love your coat! Can't wait to see the DIY.

CArLy said...

Heyyy you did post a pic! <3 shaggy rain clothes wu
you look A-dorable

CArLy said...

Wait, really quick ha, did you make the leggings??? Could I pay you to make me some?!

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Camilla said...

Good luck with that DIY it looks great, Love your outfit :3

Alex Stoltze said...

Love love the tights!

Anonymous said...