Look to the Sky and Pray

(blazer with leather shoulders: UO, green shirt dress: dad(?), sheer tights, DKNY socks, and black lace ups (not pictured)


haha i've been discovering that finals week has let me post more pictures and take more pictures of my outfits more often :D
i really love this green shirtdress, it has a pocket. I LOVE POCKETS. and it looks good with lots of stuff in my closet.
i liked how my pictures turned out for this post, especially the 2ND one. i love it, it's like blindingly white.. i didn't even edit it!

i think it's gonna rain sooon.. while i was waiting to get picked up it was FWEEZING. so cold.
last picture: sammich i just made like 30 minutes ago
-buttermilk bread
-pesto & mayonnaise

i think i ate it too fast :/
giving you guyses heads up: i won't be posting most likely on friday (maybe friday..) through sunday.. i'm going on a retreat.

THUS, the saddened blogger leaves, getting her shit together to finish her Adventures of Huckleberry Finn essay today.
+++ Thanks for the feature, Blue Is In Fashion This Year!



Vinda Sonata said...

nice outfit, jessica. you really rock oversized things. i love your style!

Ansley said...

This is so cute! especially the socks!

Fabi Talavera said...

yay, I also grab oversized shirts from my dad and brother,:D I actually have one exactly like that with a pocket. love it


ARANXA. said...

you should be a model..I can see you like in a marc jacobs ad no lie. and that sandwich looks DELICIOUSSS.

Isabelle said...

you can really pull off the oversize thing well..x

mariel elisa said...

finals is the BEST time to get things done that you really shouldn't. i always seem to get readdicted to tetris.

that sandwich is to die for, as well as the comfy chic

Martwa Marta said...

i also think that you should be a model - you are soo pretty!

i like your style as well - so simple, but still chic!

i will absolutely follow this blog.

wishing you a nice day!

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)

Tati said...

beautiful! you look great and thanks for the comment.
by the way you won the necklace for the contest!! i loved your idea of you would wear it with :)
ill email you soon :)

Kiki said...

Thanks very much for your comment the other day! Following you now.

Love the shirt dress, one of my favorite colors. Yay for raiding fathers' closets! x

Katya said...

I like these photos and you're beautiful.

Kiyo said...

This looks amazing on you! Love this shade of green.

H K said...

As always I love this post. The shirt dress looks like it could have come from AA or something, nice find! Mmm the food looks good D:
Also I have chosen you for a blog award on my last post ^.^

Panda said...

Oh woaah,
what a great outfit + pictures! That dress is gorgeous..
Panda xx
Thanks so much for the sweet comment, lovely!

Sophie said...

That oversized tee looks great - your style is so effortless! Good luck on your esssay :)

If you have a chance, stop by:

moraki said...

love your style!! i cant believe that you are 15 years old... you are so young:)

S&C said...

I love these outfit ^^
and the shirt dress too


kisses from SPain

Martwa Marta said...

by the way - i love muse as well!

Style Bird said...

These photos are perfect..You look beautiful. The sandwich looks good! xo ava

Danielle Barbe said...

i like the shirtdress! very cool and practical.


Lulu said...

LOVE that oversized tee dress!


MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.