Poison Apples Falling With the Wind

moto jacket: H&M, beige sweater dress: unknown, black tights, ankle cowboy boots: (not pictured)
both rings: mom
(images edited with picnik.com)

so i'm back ! haha, thanks for keeping up with me.. i seriously can't commit. anyways, i took some boring pictures today, so i decided to edit them on picnik.com (i usually don't.. it's time consuming) but today i did, and found out that they were having a free "premium" day where they let you try out their coolest effects that you normally have to pay for. so i had some fun :) as you can see. (i used heart bokeh, 1960's, film grain, and cross process)

today is the second to last day of finals. boy am i excited! i came home at 10 today (i left for school only 2 hours ago!) i really severely need to work on my Huckleberry Finn essay, but i seem to be seriously neglecting it. just not in the mood, you know?

+++last things: my friend chanelle just made a blog, belles vetements. you can find it HERE.
have fun reading!

&& 140 followers?!@#$!@^ that's insane!!! i love you ALL dearly.
when i first started this blog, it was a piece of shit. honestly. i'm excited :D


VerLuisant said...

Love the outfit and also the photo effect :D
You are so cute

Camilla said...

Love these, Im using Picnik as I write this :) xxx


Daisy Chain Adventures said...

Love the outfit and the effects are really cute :)

Anonymous said...

where are the boots???
haha jk (NOT REALLY, JUST PUT THAT THERE TO BE KIND AND CIVIL), i love the heart effect and, as always, you look like a sexy cucumber (FOR REALS).
-nathalie (is a sexy papaya, when i say things like this, i feel like i'm 10yrsold again...)

mila said...

Love this! Cute outfits. I love editing with picnik:)
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

follow me?:)

mariska said...

love this entirely,,
great outfit,



The Petite Blog said...

nice pics! love the rings!!! i also love to steal my mum's jewellery!

xoxo jenna


alex Stoltze said...

I love every single picture! and loved stars and hearts all around you! you look beautiful!

Tayler said...

Love the oversized sweater!


Katya said...

The 3rd photo is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

nice photos :)

Sophie said...

I love those rings, the one on the right in particular. Also love the way you edited these photos.


Style Bird said...

Wow..I love these photos..beautiful. I'm going to try this. xoxo ava

Jess said...

oh what a perfect top!

le pearl said...

gosh you are cute, totally following xoxo

Tiffany said...

I LOVE those rings! So lucky your mom has them.