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Halston Fall 2010 RTW

effortless beauty mixed with clean lines. i loved this collection for 3 main reasons.
1) there was no frazz business in the whole collection.
-i loved how simple the silhouettes were, and how they were draped beautifully on the models.
-even if there was any decoration, it was direct and clean, nothing was 'all over the place'
-even the shoes were plain, yet they paired beautifully with the looks.
-look at those shoes in the FOURTH look!
2) i love seeing repeated motifs that can seriously weave various looks together
-look at the first and last picture. what do you see?
-OMG it's amazing. the 'tabs' on the first dress are enlarged and placed diagonally in two spots on the last dress. genius.
3) the color palette varied widely yet the collection was cohesive.
-look at the bright and punchy red in the first dress, truly gorgeous.
-the collection uses some of my favorite shades of purple, and even the monotonous color of gray is enlivened when it was used on awesome and well-constructed silhouettes.

this has been my first runway post since a long time, so hope you enjoy!



kelsea said...

nice! thanks for posting these; i don't even recall seeing this collection. the third look is my fave

Style Bird said...

The first dress is beautiful! xo ava

alex Stoltze said...

These are beautiful dresses/outfits. I love the shoes, how could you not?

'Lee said...

I love the third dress, the design is beautiful.

Theory of a fashion victim

Katya said...

nice collection

Jennie Nhi Nguyen said...

I like the second!

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