The trembling fingers

ignore the creepy smile.
(click for larger images)

OMG . this must be the best day ever!!!
it's only monday (which i usually hate) but i've discovered and worn wonderful things today XD

1) outfit-- gray oversized sweater tee from hallway closet, black bandage skirt: f21, fringe necklace: connected to a shirt from polka dot, spike bracelet: my DIY.
i was excited about wearing my new skirt from F21--$5!!! it does not get any better than that! haha. added to that: another DIY, made with a leather belt that was dying and some spikes from studsandspikes.com. i got many compliments and several requests about the spiked bracelet :)

ALSO: aced my test on WWI!!! haha yesssss. alliances, ententes, generals, mini-wars, weapons. and all that crap. over! and there was no essay, it made me so happy.

last thing: YAY i'm #3 on the hot page! check out the look here :D
thanks for all who support me on lookbook



Chanelle said...

im diggin that you look happy in the 2nd picture ahhahhahah
and i know why.... ;]
heehehehhe ok bye.

Stephanie said...

Your so pretty! The outfit is beautiful! I love your blog!


Style Bird said...

Love this..love the necklace and these are beautiful photos of you! Congrats on your test and for lookbook. xo ava

Anonymous said...

Awh. I adore your smile in the second one.

LuLu said...

trés chic and hey i see/hear that u have MUSE in your playlist...its my favourite band :)

fashion doll said...

ill follow u
and u will appear in the next post of my blog
comment back

Camilla said...

love this!


NINA said...

love the outfit ! i must follow you great blog! xo

Alta Moda said...

Your legs are so long and I adore that outfit!! Congrats with being #3 and acing the test. Check out my blog sometime too!!


-Alta Moda-

benedikte said...

you're really pretty and cool blog!

check mine out if you want! :)

/Benedikte, Denmark

Lust said...

you look soo pretty in this post! love this outfit.

Lilee▲ said...

oh i totally love love love!

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

That look on lookbook is so cute! You look like a model! Nice blog!! XXX

'Lee said...

simple, cool and casual.
given that little bit of edge by the spike bracelet which I love.

Theory of a fashion victim

Anonymous said...

The studded bracelet is amazing! And you totally deserve the #3 spot on LB's Hot page!

Chiara said...

Love your blog and your style...



RACHEL said...

congrats on lookbook ! you must be sooo excited.

and i really like your bracelet. and the creepy smile is actually kinda cute (is that creepy to say)


mariel elisa said...

loving the grey on that tshirt and your overall comfy chicness

ryder said...

u look like a model kiki kang

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you were gonna put this look on your blog! hahaha i laaaaahhhhhve eeeeet :D -nat ayyyy lee