I'm a huntress with a husband lost at sea

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this is what i wore today: cape from mom, black dress from ross, leopard print scarf from mom, and black tights
it was so incredibly windy today!! freezing actually, even with the sun out.
yet, i  hear everyone in europe doesn't seem to appreciate the snow and cold weather !
haha, tell me what you guys think about the weather in your area! :]

+++ new DIY!! yay!
originally this was one of a kind, but then i made one for my friend's birthday (with a different colored ribbon :D)
because i had the same exact materials! it is all handmade.
hope you like it!!
hopefully when i have more time... more pieces like those will be up in my etsy shop!
sorry that there's only one piece up.. but there'll be more soon :)

also.. i was featured on walking in the street !
thanks doll face!
check the site out :]



Jess ♡ said...

Love the cape, gives such a lovely dolman/batwing effect. I've always loved your DIY's so creative and unique :) Definitely to get my hands on one of those bad boys! <3

Isabelle said...

danggg i wish my mom had a cape

crazypig said...

awesome DIY! And your look is stunning... Nothing to say~~


Kiyo said...

Beautiful cape, I love the print on the inside. and I love love your DIY, especially this necklace! Can't wait to see it on Etsy.
The weather here in Tokyo is crazy! It was warm today but supposedly it's going down more than 10 degrees tomorrow :(

be.aoi said...

love that cape! amazing!

Fashionista-In-Training said...

I Love the outfit!!!

annelise. said...

amazing, i love the outfit

Glamour Bbey. said...

Nice look!

Mouthwash said...

I really like your outfit! The sweat cape is a nice touch with the leopard print.


Alex Dom said...

love your style

stylista said...

I love the necklace!!! So chic!

Check out my blog at allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

Catherine said...

Nice cape! The inside pattern looks really nice.

harrish said...

AHH beautiful-i had jsut done a lookbook photo like the top one as well ..not planning on putting it up for a while though
beautiful DIY as well !!

Anonymous said...

I really like your cape! it's magnificent!

fashion westie said...


Think I need a few 1. tribal, blanket styles. 2. grey and refined 3. black and dramatic. 4. camel and furry.

Congrats on The Clothes Horse feature...wohoo!

Chanelle said...

hahah see you tomorrow ;]

Krimly said...

I lov the necklace!!


Anonymous said...

i love it!!!!!!!!!!nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

KISS ;*)

Katya said...


Katya said...


sinandstarlight said...

<3 your outfit!!

SB said...

Love your niecklace! It's perfect.