I had a feather and a gold rose

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so here are the pictures.. sorry for the first 4 commenters haha... i was in the middle of putting up photos when my computer shut down by itself (sorry for not pluggin' ya in, mr. laptop!)

my inspiration: light, airy colors, i had a feather, and a gold rose.. but it was tampering with my thin chiffon dress :/
DIY: Givenchy studded and spiked headband..
i had some leather cord, spikes, studs, and hot glue lying around so why not give in?
hahah.. i'm not a bandwagon person.. but i really love givenchy's headband.. DROOL.

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Meggstatus said...

So Pretty!

fashion westie said...

That dress is divine.Love the way you style your photos....dreamy!

I'll enter your giveaway if you enter mine :-) for a pair of shoes from Pointer X Karen Walker.

Chris (tinytines.com) said...

how perfectly whimsical!! :] I adore this image.

Krislyn said...

you always have such perfect photography. you look wonderful. love this.

Sutton said...

what a great look, so sweet.

the headband is killer. i want one!!!

Tiffany said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful!

'Lee said...

Amazing photos!
You dress is really cute and you did a great DIY

Theory of a fashion victim

Camilla said...

very pretty! x


Kiyo said...

Your photography is always so beautiful! The floral curtains add a great touch here :)
& your DIYs are always great too! Love the headband.

Cocò said...

Oh no!!! I absolutely want it!!! I must have it! Damn!
You have got a really nice blog!
Now I'm a your follower ;D , I hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

Hope-Fashion Narcotics said...

I love love love the pale pink shift, its so dreamy and light and reminds me of waking up on Sunday morning in your BFs room still in your party dress.Or somthing. Also I love the juxtoposition of the hardcore headband with the beautiful dress.

Makena O. said...

omg jessica those are soo cute!! i love how you have a rough stud side but yet your last peice of jewery you made was soft lace and pearls!!

Emma Jade said...

gorgeous headband!

Azede said...

Im giving away this little black dress that i designed, on my blog.. you should go and comment; i think it would look great on you!


heyhayley6 said...

this is beautiful! the first picture is by far my favorite!! and those headbands are so legit :)

Whispering Swallow said...

Soo pretty! and the headband is so lovely and edgy. gorgeous!

crazypig said...

cool! I always love your DIYs ♥ And the outfit... no words <3


Catherine said...

Very very pretty dress! I love the colors.