A Falling Star,

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FINALLY! a photoshoot!
ahaha.. semi photoshoot you could say.

I decided to go with the classic pastel color scheme of Easter dresses.. but wear some dark maroon colored shoes to contrast and not wash me out with my paleness :/

I wore a pink pastel dress with a rose collar from F21 and my Evan Picone maroon lace up oxford heels from my mom.
Though it was cold and pretty windy, i loved the look of the sheer 'blush' colored fabric in the sun!
oh, and i just felt the GNARLY-est earthquake ever.
well, it came from baja cali but it was a 6.9 and we felt it here in newport beach!

anyways,,, there are still a couple of photos from my continuation of photos INDOORS, and i will post those next time :)

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Jess ♡ said...

Lovely photos <3 Gotta love the sheer-floatiness of your dress! xo

Tiffany said...

Such beautiful pictures!

Lust said...

Is this the dress from kami's birthday party?

T.Hazel said...

Gorgeous pictures , Incredible.

H K said...

Very pretty pictures, the dress is tres feminine, nice!

Isabelle said...

lovelove your dress+++the collar.x

heyhayley6 said...

beautiful blog! i actually found your blog while looking at lookbook! idk if you remember me but i danced with you for the winter show at Orange County Dance studio. you're pictures are all amazing and you have crazy cute fashion :)

Tati said...

this outfit is beautiful! I love the soft colors and the floating laundry in the background brings a really soft mood to the pictures. Great coordinating!

Chloe T said...

Wow, Jessica, these photos are so beautiful.. I love the contrast of your pale skin tone with the pink/nude dress and the maroon heels!
The background is so lovely too.. the plush greens are the epitome of Spring.

Great post, as per usual.. Hope you had a great Easter! :)

Chloe X

Camilla said...

love this.


le pearl said...

you look gorg <3

mowen said...

Jessica they are soo beautiful i absolutely love all of the pastel colors! and the feather is so chic hahaha love it all!!!!

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

this is beautiful, romantic, and dreamy. <3


Isabel said...

I just found your blog, you have a really cool style!

paoletta_92 said...

lovely outfit :))

have a look at my blog if u want :)


Azede said...

That dress is such a pretty color! and you wear it well.


Meggstatus said...

I just read your lookbook message, but whenever I try to reply it doesn't let me-so I decided to reply to your blog instead!

Thank you so much for your kind words they really mean a lot to me. You have amazing style as well!

As far as the earthquake goes, it scared the crap out of me!!! I was trying to take a nap because I hadn't been feeling well all day and then all of a sudden the room started shaking. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get another one for awhile!

Katya said...

You're pretty! Nice photos and dress too!

Vicky said...

awesome dress and location! love it

btw, I've got a new blog, please check out :)

Mary Lee said...

oh my god, these pictures are lush and your outfit is amazing i want it!!

Catherine said...

Amazing shoes!

Zoe_Flood said...

i absolutly adore these photos, they are so dreamy and nice! and the dress is the PERFECT color on you, with marron shoes, ooo gurl you got an eye ;] that earthquake was narly!