Our love was lost, lost

it's been a while since my last post.. i've been studying my ass off for an AP European History Test in 1 1/2 weeks.
oooh!! that reminds me... for my european readers.. do you have to go through a American History course in high school? it always was a question of mine... answer it!! i'm dying to know haha!
anyways i wore a plaid dress from my mother, navy blazer from mother, and black tights+F21 patent oxfords
soooo this post will be short and sweet.. ending with awards!

thank you Chloe of Chloe In Reality for this award!

i give this award to these others

Thanks for keeping up, even through my terrible posting!



Whispering Swallow said...

love love love! that plaid dress is adorable and the blazer goes perfectly with it. Great outfit :)

xoxo Kayla

Tayler said...

oooh i love this dress! very schoolgirl chic, goes perfect with the blazer <2

Cara said...

Thank you SO MUCH for passing the award onto me! I love your blog! I'm definitely definitely following you now, sweetheart.


Be sure to enter my giveaway, if you haven't already!

Chris (tinytines.com) said...

When a dress!! I adore it. :] Looks great with the blazer. Yay for mommy's stuff!!

Camilla said...

That dress is amazing, and I prefer the 1st look in the previous post x


Camilla said...

That dress is amazing, and I prefer the 1st look in the previous post x


Chloe said...

Ah, you're welcome, Jessica! :) I really love this outfit, both the outfit and the dress are really lovely.

Also, no, we don't have to do an American History course here. I've opted for History as one of my options for GCSE (as well as Latin, Art and French). We'll mainly have to study world History like the World Wars and other stuff like that. :)

Chloe X

Emma Jade said...

That dress is gorgeous!
I live in england, and for our history A level we had two modules.. British and American History, so yes! :)

Jessica Wu said...

i love that ensemble! :) well at my school in Lakewood, i had to take world history, u.s. history (currently), and government, ohh and economy.

heyhayley6 said...

Darling outfit! I wish my school uniforms looked like this!!! Very chic!

I have AP exams to study for too... Why do we put ourselves through that?! LOL. At my school, we take AP euro senior year and US history junior year.

Thank you so much for the award!!! It means so much to me! My award post is coming tomorrow :)


RACHEL said...

i love the dress ! i think its really unfair your mom had such cool clothes, while other moms (like my own) does not have any cool clothes in her closet.

good luck !

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great dress!

crazypig said...

Awesome blazer ♥ And for the question- no, fortunately, I don't have to do an American history test...

Izzy said...

Love the pics! And thanks for following! Following too :)

sWamped in Flowers <3

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

wonderful jumper <3


MELISSA Z. said...

You're so cute with this dress!


mel said...

i love this dress! you look amazing in it:) loving the pleats


T.Hazel said...

I love this look so much.

an three said...

Love this outfit and the dress from the previous post!
In Spain we have to study some American History in my grade but not much haha:)

Anna said...

I love your music!
I love your face too. Very intriguing :)
Great style and I'll be returning!


Luca Belotti said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB


Anonymous said...

i like the blazer:) i will soon be outfit-posting, featuring black high-waisted leather shorts :)

p.s. LOVE the music on your blog.

xx rena.


almost 15. :)

Rebecca said...

i am in love with your dress!


Anonymous said...

Cute cute dress!!!

Amy Jessica said...

Love the outfit in this!
now following :)

Amy Jessica

Victoria said...

oh jessica so cute as usual!

oh and how was the test? im so scared for mine!

ParisiannSkies said...

this is a completely perfect look.

Marinka said...

This dress is really cute :) It looks like those Blair wears