Strange steps, heels turned back

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i just found this gooorggeous navy blue polka dot skirt in my mother's closet recently :)
i think my house is TRULY a black hole.. because well many things of mine get lost and i can seriously never find them again.. at least for a while.
on the other hand, i also find GREAT GREAT GREAT stuff when i'm just looking around.
i had been looking at someone's blog (i forgot who it was :(  ) and i found that she had bought a really adorable skirt from topshop/primark.. and i really wanted one! God loves me and i found one in my mom's closet.
i wore it with a blouse that is ALSO my mom's.. found in the same closet. i think my mom has about 3 closets in the house right now. jeez, im going to make her have a clean out the closet day.

my contest for this necklace is ending on the 15th of April... please enter!

enter HERE



Jess ♡ said...

You and your mom have lovely taste! Such a versatile piece :) That necklace is stunning as well xo

Vinda Sonata said...

both you and your mom have lovely taste! great style and gorgeous as always, jess <3

Kiyo said...

It seems like your mother has an amazing wardrobe! That's really awesome that you can wear them :)

Camilla said...

that skirt is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

God loves me and i found one in my moms closet. hahahha that made me lawlz :D
also, i find it oh so coincidental that your giveaway ends on the same day as tax day! hahaha jolly idea there! in that case, people then remember "hmm, what did i have to do today? taxes and jwu's giveaway!" hahahaha
also i have a polka dot dress and i might wear it to school one day but its kinda scando
and, as you already know, you look amazinggg! hhaha longest comment everrrr

Courtney O. said...

i love this outfit! i saw it on lookbook and was stunned. that top's amazing!

Martwa Marta said...

both you and your mom have an incredible sense of style! i am in love with this skirt!

Tati said...

love the polka dot skirt! and same with the necklace! I'll make sure to enter the contest! :)

Chloe T said...

I absolutely love that skirt.. the little polka dots are perfect!
I am absolutely the same, I have all of my mother's designer hand-me-downs and I love them all! It's so good to take them, because they don't mind and it's all free! It must be a Chinese mother thing, hahaha :D

Lovely outfit, that blouse is so nice when coupled with the skirt!

Chloe X

Meggstatus said...

I can't get enough of polka dots this season and this skirt is just lovely. Your mom has amazing taste!

Azede said...

Love my moms skirts!

RACHEL said...


Catherine said...

Very cute skirt! The print is adorable. :)